Welcome to Flower Bank of Hornby's Blog!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the very first Flower Bank of Hornby Blog!!
We plan to update you regularly on various parts of our Flower Bank lives through various mediums to keep it as interesting as possible for you lovely readers… so watch this space.

To begin, thank you to everyone who supported us through our first Christmas here at the shop; particularly our very own Flower Bank Team consisting of ourselves, Liz, Trudi and Emilie. In addition to our shop team, we couldn’t have done it without the love and support from our family and friends so a huge thank you to you all.
We have had lots of lovely feedback from many of you, including Danielle from the Hornby Day Nursery, to tell us that our bouquets and arrangements were not only lovely; but that the flowers lasted well into the new year and beyond!
Thankfully we have another 11 months now where our hands and arms can recover from holly-related injuries! However, our favourite christmas product (and anyone’s who came to the Christmas Shopping evenings hosted by Anthea and Debbie in the Hornby Tea Rooms) was the wreaths. They were so versatile; you could really show a person’s personality with their design choices. They were also used to remember a person who is no longer with us too with a design they would have loved. Here were a few of our favourites:

New Years Resolutions
Moving into the new year we have a lot of exciting things to come: flower classes, parties and drop-in sessions! We are also working with the lovely Kate Jacobs, a local artist, to bring you some exciting things soon. We will keep you all updated with this information through the website, local magazines and social media.
Speaking of social media; we are now on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! If you’ve not already ‘added us as a friend’ then please do!
Facebook: Flower Bank Floral Design
Instagram: flower_bank_floral_design
Snapchat: flowerbank28

Spring has Sprung
Although the weather has turned colder, we are loving the spring flowers in the shop at the moment. Tulips, iris, narcissi, ranunculus, freesia and the good old daffodil to list a few. We have created some lovely designs with these flowers and they have the most wonderful scent.

Now to think about Valentine’s Day – Watch this space…

Thank you for reading our first blog. We hope to hear from you soon.
Love Vicky and Charlotte xx

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