Florist Choice – Why let the florist choose?

Hello Flower Bank Bloggers! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Thought we’d write a blog before Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching.
Today we wanted to share our most popular bouquet: The Florist Choice. This is our valued customers favourite way to send flowers.

Here is a florist choice designed for a customer, who wanted accents of purple and pink.
When designing each florist choice, we use our experience, skill and passion for flowers – in particular; your flowers!
Here at the Flower Bank, every day brings new experience. We experience our customers (both old and new!) choices and how they like their blooms arranged. These experiences continue to build our understanding of what customers really want in a bouquet to help convey their special message.
When choosing a florist choice bouquet, we take note of your message and ensure your bouquet reflects what it is you’re trying to say. To do this, we take your preferred colour and build a bouquet, which is soft, bright, contemporary or classic. All these elements help convey a sense of support or celebration whatever the occasion.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some people have asked for a red florist choice rather than the classic rose bouquet. Our florist choice bouquets are brimming with unique flowers, which can’t be purchased in the supermarkets.

Some of our customers have ordered a pink florist choice for their special someone for the 14th February. We’re loving the pink heart picks bought specially for the day.
That’s all from us for now. Back to Valentine’s Day preparations!
Love Vicky and Charlotte xxx

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